Our Board of Directors is responsible for fulfilling the mission of RMHD

The board sets and evaluates policies, retains, evaluates, and replaces the chief executive, and ensures that the organization is well managed. We are grateful to our board for all that they do.

Jo Ann M. Cornet, M.D., Chair Emerita
Doug Smellage, Chair
Mrs. Cynthia Craft O’Brien, Secretary
Mr. Maison Vasek, Treasurer
Jill Cumnock, CEO

Board of Directors
Michael F. Alessio
Courtney Andring
Stephanie Brigger
J. Patrick Brockette
James C. Carroll
Jonathan Chan
James C. Collins
April Cook
Christine Cook
Bert Crouch
Gary R. DeLong
Melinda Emmons
Linda Golden
Randy Lasley
Megan Lee
Jeff Peterson
Sandy Phillips
Carol Podolsky, M.D.
Mike Ray
David M. Rosenberg
Georgia Scaife
Mersina Stubbs
Jeffrey J. Vawrinek
Kelly Williams
Sheryl Wylie

Advisory Board
John R. Allums
Patrick H. Arthur
Vera Bangs
Cynthia B. Bassel
William C. Collins
Carol Dalton
Chris Durovich
Richard D. Eiseman, Jr.
Mrs. Randy Engstrom
Sandra Estess
Dale Fuller, M.D.
Nancy Gottsacker
Joe M. Graham
A. Michael Hainsfurther
Peggy S. Hill
Cecilie Holman
Cile Crouch
Nancy L. Kerr
Carol A. Kilman
Dan E. Martens
Mike C. McWilliams
JoAnne Moore
Susan S. Palma
Norma Pearson
Robert R. Penn
Pam M. Perella
Jacob N. Pollack
Karl Rathjen, M.D.
Rod Sager
Nancy Skochdopole
Melissa W. Utley
Robert Walker
Gary B. Wood, Ph.D.

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