A Lifetime of Memories

baby and mom close

Vasco was born in Peru on February 2, 2016 to his excited and loving parents, Eduardo and Antuane. At birth, he was diagnosed with syndactyly, meaning the fingers on his left hand were fused. His doctors and parents were surprised by the diagnosis. After medical consults in Peru, it was recommended that the family come to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for the best treatment available. Vasco, less than a year old at the time, and his parents traveled in December 2016 for his surgery and subsequent physical therapy. The family knew little English and came to the House without knowing anyone. They were scared but hopeful.

Vasco’s first surgery to separate his fused fingers happened shortly after their arrival. He was put into a cast and dealt with incision pain and scar tissue for months following his surgery. He then began physical therapy to learn to use his newly formed fingers. His dad, Eduardo had to return to Peru shortly after Vasco’s operation to work and support his family. While it was difficult to leave, he left with the confidence and security that his family was exactly where they needed to be. Vasco and his mom, came to the House without friends or family, but that did not last long. As Antuane describes it, “It was with sadness that we found out about Vasco’s need for surgery but it led us to stay at Ronald McDonald House of Dallas and that was a blessing. Not only did we find an amazing place that put a roof over our head and food to eat, but we found people who became our family, our support.”

Vasco and his mom celebrated Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even his first birthday at Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. Each of these moments were memorable, but the family was soon to celebrate something even bigger. After nearly 8 months of surgeries and therapy, Antuane was told they would be able to return home. Eduardo traveled to Texas in late July to stay for a few days and then take his family back home. What transpired in those few days were some of the most magical moments the family has had. Eduardo and Antuane had wanted to get married, but when Vasco was born and diagnosed, their plans were put on hold. After spending most of Vasco’s young life at RMHD, these parents knew this was the place that they wanted to get married. In just 2 days, a wedding was carefully and thoughtfully put together. A minister was found, cake and flowers were purchased, a dress was borrowed, decorations were gathered and friends and staff became members of the wedding party. On August 2nd, 2017, Eduardo, Antuane and Vasco began their new life together, in the middle of the House that had given them hope, love and support for so many months. Immediately following the wedding, the family traveled back to Peru but stay in touch with their new friends through social media. The family will be back in February of 2018 for a second surgery on Vasco’s remaining fused fingers. He will undergo 2 to 3 more surgeries so the family will be back for years to come, but even when his procedures are completed, this little family will forever be a part of the history of “The House That Love Built.”