Family Activities

We create and host numerous special programs for our families, providing education and entertainment

While we can’t change the reasons families seek medical care in Dallas and respite in our House, we can help give them moments of togetherness to enjoy as a community. Family activities are just one of the ways we do this.

Throughout the year, we provide weekly, monthly, and annual activities for the families staying at the House. From family haircuts and summer camp, to Halloween parties and movie nights – our goal is to bring as many smiles and laughter to our families as possible.

We invite groups from our community to host special activities for our families, such as game nights, scavenger hunts, dance parties, bingo, science experiments, craft nights, and more!

Make a Difference for Children & Families

Parents don’t know when their child will need medical help. But they should know they can always access the care they need. And with your help, we can support them all throughout their journey.